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How To Catch Marlin Fish : 5 Tips for Fisher

If you are fishing off the Gold Coast, one of the main attractions is Marlin. They are a majestic fish and a proud catch for any fisherman. An experienced captain will be able to take you to waters where the chances of catching Marlin are increased but you will still need some skill to land one. Here are our 5 tips that will hopefully help you to catch one of these fish and have something to tell your friends about for years to come.

1. Simplicity 

Like many things in life, keeping it simple is the best route to success. Too many people opt for large quantities of equipment, far more than what they actually need rather than concentrating on perfecting techniques and using the equipment that they already have. If you keep things as simple as possible, you are likely to catch far more fish which is your main objective!

2. Quality Equipment

Far too many people own far too many lines! There is simply no point owning 5 average quality game fishing outfits when you would be better off with 2 quality lines. The chances are that you will only be landing one fish at a time anyway so give yourself the best chance by purchasing quality equipment that won’t let you down. Quality over quantity is certainly a big factor when it comes to catching Marlin. This goes right through the inventory of things you need, line, swivels, leaders, lures, crimps and hooks.

3. Preparation

Owning quality equipment is one thing, knowing how to use it is another. Take time to understand what you own – learn the drag curve and fully understand drag pressure on the reels. Use 2-speed gearing but make sure you understand how it functions. Set up your equipment before you leave and take your time to ensure everything is working properly before you leave. Sharpen hooks and make a few lures rather than hundreds. Once again quality over quantity.

4. Out at Sea

When out at sea, a novice crew should only send out 3 or 4 quality lures with a quality teaser. The fish will come to the boat so having fewer lures won’t impact on their levels of interest. Having fewer will actually provide less of a distraction. Just ensure to keep one lure close to the boat, one in the clear water and one out the back. As you build confidence, start filling in the gaps.

5. Live Bait

Using live bait is always the best option but 2 baits are plenty. The baits should be staggered to help keep tight turns tangle free. If you are fishing without outriggers, keep your reels free-spool. Often we will do this when the wind is playing havoc with our baits from the high riggers anyway.

With a bit of fine-tuning and simple fishing, you will find you’ll be spending more time actually looking for fish-and, of course, catching them! We also sell the marlin online. You can check the marlin fish price from our website and buy the blue marlin fish. We deliver the fish at your doorstep without any delays.

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